Nothing at all.

I have found myself lacking inspiration enough to even spew my rhetorical psychobabble. I have struggled with feeing as if there is something wrong with me. The depths of my introspection have hit a metaphorical basement floor. It’s so hard to accept and simply just BE, however I am finding that it’s what I’m required to do.

Just as the leaves rejuvenate in the spring and the sun retires at a later hour, clocking in the overtime that the outdoor enthusiast celebrate; I find myself in a season removed from the writing. I can only ascertain that there is nothing to understand at this juncture other than my attentions are turned in other directions.

I hope to find the motivation to one day commit to this craft, finding exotic locations taking place of the office. That time however is not today. Today I will live a Friday night as I might typically live it…with my love, consuming spirits, and gambling on sports as we venture off into the eve.

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