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Whatever brought you here, I must thank you!

Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life – Oscar Wilde.

If you didn’t laugh at this – please seek medical attention!
I don't believe Oscar Wilde really pictured Mr. Snakes on a Mutha-Fn' Plane depicted as the zen master Bob Ross when he said "life imitates art..." but therein lies the beauty of life: it's all up for individual interpretation. 

Failure (n): lack of success. 

One might question how there could possibly be an art to failing…isn’t it something you just kinda do?  Sure, failing can be indicative of not prepping properly or simply being beat out by a better opponent,but this is where the art form is required, finessing the failure to support the success. I have certainly failed far more times than I can count; academically, professionally, socially, monetarily, in just about every aspect of my life…I have experienced failure. The end result was never a masterpiece that could be deemed as art, however it was a stroke on life’s metaphorical canvas pulling together a multitude of events to collaborate into a masterpiece.