No change in silence

As I sit down to write and make sense of the world and my thoughts, I am left somber and with a heavy heart. The world is in chaos while I am in my bubble. I feel hopeless during this time of unrest when the riots are the rhymes of the unheard. Our world is hurting, injustices run rampant, and people of color are treated as lesser human beings. I am a white male, I have never really known struggle, I have never faced racial prejudice, feared for my life while out looking in an unfinished house, I have never feared harsh sentencing from a judge despite being guilty for actions worthy of harsh punishment. I am privileged and it is unfair.

I believe in one race…the human race. I believe every man & woman has a right to obtain happiness as they see fit, and I have a duty to respect that regardless of their race, faith, or sexual orientation. I believe in love over hate, and encouraging my brothers and sisters to seek the light while giving that light unto those who are still in the dark. It truly hurts my heart that lives are lost, voices are ignored, opportunities are denied, and BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS are withheld from people of color.

I truly care about what is happening in our world: the George Floyd’s, Ahmaud Abrey’s, Trevon Martin’s, and the millions of others who live the nightmare daily. I possess a deep compassion for my fellow men and women of color, and despise the rhetoric of hate and dissension that is pushed daily by the media. I want to be a part of a solution, yet I still wrestle with the fact that I might never really understand what it is I am capable of doing. I just want my heart to be heard, I want to be a conduit for change, yet there is no change in silence.

As people protested this past weekend, I camped, kayaked, and lived life without a care. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this, I find it very tough to go about my daily life and act as if the current state of affairs in the world right now is anything but repulsive. Again, I live in my bubble and while I can thank God for the blessings I have, I have been educated as of late to speak up…that to remain silent is to exacerbate the problem. I want to be a part of the solution, and although this will likely not reach the masses or make some shift in consciousness to those who are asleep, I want it to be on record that I care and will do my best to be a voice for progress and change at all times.

I welcome dialogue and discussion, I welcome perspective that is different from my own. I welcome backlash and feedback from people who have walked a road I have never walked. I welcome suggestions on how to get involved in my community and how to overcome my own mental barriers as it pertains to the social injustices I observe yet do not personally encounter. I just want to know when it is my time to enter heaven that I did my part to progress mankind instead of hinder. I want to learn how to be an advocate for change! I have such deep love for my fellow humankind in ways I am not even quite sure how to articulate…yet again love does nothing in silence.

I really don’t know where I am trying to go with this…but may my heart be heard.