The Awakening continued.

As I find myself shaking away that last little bit of sleep from my eyes, I am discovering that this “brave new world” we are approaching has the makings of a place reserved for the fantasy section of the library. The “liberty and justice for all” that we have been so eloquently promised and forced to memorize is now becoming what seems to be an attainable truth for once. Regardless of my patriotic affiliation, I can safely declare that “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” are not things I should aspire to have, rather endowments I am inherently entitled to. The problem is, that our unalienable rights are a commodity, carelessly traded for power. The basis of our fundamental framework for society is essentially a turd dipped in gold that my “leaders” have packaged as a gift.

I remember during my first trip to Washington D.C. before ever leaving elementary school, being enamored at the history, architecture, and incredible power contained within this metropolis. The Capitol was the birthplace of the greatest civilization on earth. I was walking the same grounds that the greatest men on earth, once roamed. Although the concept was novel at the time, there was no question that as a people, we shared the responsibility that placed these great men of God in their positions. There was a time when this responsibility came with a great sense of pride. The problem is, that the pride was short lived.

In a sense, this was my first true awakening; Independence was a charade, and freedom was for sale.

Before I was even able to develop a truly independent opinion on politics and how it would pertain to me as a (semi) functioning adult…I experienced 9/11. I was not even 18 and I had just witnessed what would become the genesis of the America I was a part of. The way I saw it was there was never a greater display of betrayal by my own country than on that day. We can skip all the conspiracy bullshit and call it what it is, the United States of America was being dismantled from the inside. I had yet to exercise my right to vote and already I was utterly disgusted with the country I call my own.

I have never been one to take information at face value, to do so would be a betrayal of the limitless depth of the mind I have been gifted. However I found myself loathing politics and what it stood for. I had no hope for a figurehead to have the common mans voice as a genuine interest. Oxycontin was flowing freely, the poppy fields of Afghanistan were under American “control” and the pharmafia proved their reach extended far beyond that of any politicians desire for the greater good. I became ignorant to the quiet voice in me that whispered promises of hope; the prospect of “real change” did nothing but make me chuckle in disgust. Opiates were the new crack, and suburban, middle to upper class white America was being disrupted. My entire generation was ultimately collateral damage, the same could be said for everyone I knew in some way. As long as I was medicated, I was numb, I was checked out and the free thinker within me had been placed in a cage. I had been infected with a virus, once that caused metaphorical respiratory issues, suffocating my sense of liberty.

While the existence of COVID-19 is very real, the virus we are currently fighting is not truly a physical one. This virus is one that I and many of my brothers and sisters in the world have been infected with. The virus we fight is one that has corrupted that which we know to be real and true within our belief systems.

Virus (n): 2. a piece of code which is capable of copying itself and typically has a detrimental effect, such as corrupting the system or destroying data

The scheme has been progressing slowly, persistently, and quite calculated by forces that are greater than the world we are presented in text books and media outlets. There are those who have seen it all along, others who have been told but retain healthy disbelief, and there are those who act as if it is what it is. I have refused to have the veil of disillusionment draped over my souls eyes; the truth is so incredibly evident to me at a deeply spiritual level. The patriotic spirit we as American’s have been indoctrinated with has been dormant for far too long yet I find it stirring within with near atomic intensity. The ruse is disassembling at the seams, and the cosmic fabric is being connected by elevated minds insisting on a true spiritual purge and revelation. For too long the people have been asleep, buried beneath the lies and deception of our leaders. There is no stopping the storm that is coming their way. The people will not sleep forever, and all actions must be accounted for at some point. I believe we have reached the tipping point as a society, and the next chapter is going to be reminiscent of the land of hope and freedom we ALL were once promised.

The Great Awakening.

It seems almost too good to be true, the recently blank canvas of creativity that is usually fluorescent with ideas and inspirations seems to have it’s first splatters of life in quite some time. The previously dormant synapses of my brain are illuminating in areas I have never visited yet somehow recognize. I am emotionally amplified in a socially distant World; a place that is simultaneously in stationary chaos. It seems as if I have taken front row seats, center stage of the orchestra, to the greatest dress rehearsal in the history of mankind; a play that is being witnessed through the looking glass of an existential microscope.

There are seldom moments that are of such great magnitude that the entire world comes to a halt, yet March 22, 2020 is exactly a moment in time that can be the exception. Our digital age of experience has many glitches, however it seems as if we have a true virus. There is a threat embedded within the fiber optics of the metaphysical mainframe, that simultaneously exists in the physical domain in an incredibly sinister fashion. For some people the world is simply the 5 senses as we were taught: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. I would be remiss to say I believe these to be the sensory arsenal in their entirety without including empathy. There is a frequency that we as embodied containers of energy emit, and whether I like it or not I have an antenna tapped into that station. Off in the distance there echoes a distress call. The world is crying for help.


There is a revolution happening while the world sleeps.We the people are hosting an infection methodically spreading with voracious intent through the entire World. There are no bombs being dropped, but it could not be more clear that we are at war. The enemy has no face, consumes no space, it simply exists with omnipresent invisibility.

Is it possible that by creating the idea of an “invisible enemy” that discriminates against no nation, race, religion, or sex is exactly what the world needed? By collectively removing the targets off our fellow brothers and sisters and taking aim at a greater, common enemy we have the shared interest to unite or collectively perish.

It is possible that a group of intelligent, military strategists and scientists have formulated this common enemy, There also remains the possibility that the universe herself is in a metamorphosis, leapfrogging the galaxy, searching for the next frequency that reads clearly. The sheer history we are writing now is uncharted, to me, but well mapped to generations past. Life is encountering monumental shifts in ideology and perception that only physics can quantify.

Regardless of ones perception as fact, the world is awestruck, as if our conscious has just reached the summit of a new mountain and the vastness of the terrain below us is incapable of being described with mere dialect. This place is the otherworldly sensation of chills personified. This experience is happening right before our eyes, but not all can see this new world before us. There are some who do not have the strength to make this voyage, there are those who make the trek and fail to recognize the significance, and there are those that consume each cosmic footprint we leave across the stars as we travel into the future. I like to believe I am am in the latter group.

I can not help but feel as if I am traveling through time by accepting the madness surrounding me as a critical ingredient in the plan. The core of my soul is suspended, weightless, completely reliant on the laws of nature to handle me with care, as the picture unfolds before my eyes. The revolution has not been televised.

There are so many layers within this current experience of life that I am neglecting sleep tonight in order to unpack it all, and hopefully quiet my mind. At the very least it must be materialized while the subject is fresh. It is as if I have just woke up from a dream, attempting to articulate the lucidity of my slumber…only to find myself questioning if in fact I was ever asleep or is the dream only beginning? I am in the matrix, on the 3rd layer of inception, listening through the opposing wall of this galaxy, while looking through the crawlspace of my mind for answers.

The story is unfolding before my very eyes, I am merely a passenger on this cosmic shuttle taking my personal account as we wait to land. This is the great awakening.